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Climate Change & Renewable Energy

The Oak Hill Fund is concerned about the causes and impacts of global climate change. Civilization's continued insistence on burning fossil fuels (gas, oil, & coal) has served for too many years as an impediment to addressing global climate change.

As reiterated at COP 21 (the 2015 Paris Climate Conference), the scientific community has assured the world that human-caused climate change impacts are already being felt, will continue to increase, and must be addressed promptly.

The Oak Hill Fund (OHF) believes that investing in programs, policies, and institutions which engage in stimulating a more robust market for renewable energy, specifically solar and wind, is an effective strategy for mitigating global climate change. Recent political changes in the U.S. combined with outright denial of scientific facts and attacks on journalists and freedom of the press threaten what little progress has been made to reduce emissions.

Some feel that an increased reliance on nuclear power is a primary method of mitigating climate change. Given the array of cost-effective alternative technologies, the legacy of uranium mining and milling, nuclear catastrophes, the threat of weapons proliferation, and the unsolved issue of radioactive waste disposal, nuclear power is not the answer.

The Climate Change & Renewable Energy Program limits giving to the southeastern United States with an emphasis on Virginia. Priority is currently given to project-specific proposals that:

Important Update, December 1, 2023: The Oak Hill Fund Board and Staff are currently working with consultants on a new strategic plan as part of the next generation of the family taking the helm. During this time, we will not be accepting any requests for funding. We will of course honor all current commitments whether invitations to submit proposals, multi-year grants, or contracts. Our intent is to resume grantmaking starting June 1, 2024. Any changes to our programs or processes will be posted on our website. We recognize this may have an impact on our grantees and ask for your patience and understanding as we develop the next iteration of The Oak Hill Fund.

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